in Zillertal
The Mountain calls!

Hikers enjoy truly breath-taking mountain scenery. Massive rock walls meet clear mountain streams and natural mountain forests. 

Hiking - Zillertal Arena

  • 400 kilometer hiking trails
  • 15 easy, 51 medium & 9 challenging trails
  • 9 theme trails
  • over 40 huts, and snack stations
  • 136 kilometer Nordic Walking Trails
  • Hiking bus

guided hiking

Enjoy the Zillertal mountains!

You can expect to see the unique Mountain-and Nature experience in the most beautiful hiking area in the Alps.

As diverse as our landscapes are,  as versitile are all our 71 Restaurants and huts. These have been family run for generations already. What unites us is the passion for the mountains and the passion to hike. The most beautiful thing is to show our Guests an eventful, delightful and authentic Hiking holiday to enable. Year for Year and Day for Day!

Since 1995 we bundle our experience and ideas, we work together on the development with the specific Service packages, which it needs for a perfect hiking holiday. The results of our work, documents the quality program, that guarantees a class experience and service quality in all member hotels.

Our hotel is one of the best hiking hotels in the alps, the only one with an International partnership in the Alpine region.

Discover the unique natural landscape around Gerlos!
The Zillertal Arena offers numerous opportunities for beautiful walks and hikes around Gerlos. The 5 side valleys, the Schwarzachtal, the Wimmertal, the Krumbachtal, the Schönachtal and the Wildgerlostal open up numerous possibilities and hiking trails that can be reached directly from the village of Gerlos. Here you will find a nice selection of walks around Gerlos, in different difficulty levels.

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