Wellness and Spa
Relaxation and recovery
for body and soul!

Join our magnificent wellness area full of precious rooms and delicate odors – get spoiled and spend your time in our oasis of calm. The newly designed wellness area, consisting of sauna, steam bath, chill-out room, etc, spans 300 m² and invites our guests to stay. Regain strength and leave us totally relaxed!

Steamed light, pleasant sounds gives you new energy various infusions in saunas enchant you with lovely aromas. In the low heat chamber to release tension, so you can plunge back fit an well in to the next holiday adventure.

Allow you a time out!

  • Steam sauna
  • Bio sauna
  • Turkish steam bath
  • Infra sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Experience shower
  • Relaxation room with waterbeds
  • Massages

Who look on his body, he will be wholesome!

Rest and relaxation 
There are many ways to find a rest. In this time is the hectic big and we have more and more requirements. So it is possible to have a silent moment and it has more importance for us.

For centuries, the massage is a popular way to increase the general wellbeing. It solves not only relieves stress and tension, it may also relieve pain and boost the immune system.

 Individual treatments
Treat yourself a treatment and your status will lighten up. You will be more relax and resistant.

Enjoy the unforgettable relaxed time in our Alpenhotel Tirolerhof! 

Come in the hands of our professional qualified masseuse and you will become more energy.Come in the hands of our professional qualified masseuse and you will become more energy.Our technical treatment are combined with the natural products and it oriented on the whole self. Many of this applications are inspirited on the oriental and we offer you a combination with the know from the western culture and this is the basis of significant art of massage.

A special connection to the surroundings from the products from the Tyrolean mountains.